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Webinar: Bystander Behaviour and Why It Matters


Webinar: Bystander Behaviour and Why It Matters

‘The Bystander Behavior and Why it Matters’ is a discussion in a series developed by the Sri Lanka Barometer under the project Strengthening Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka supported by the EU and the German Federal Government.

The discussion explored the phenomenon of the bystander effect and will unpack it through a series of questions on issues that provoke responses from individuals to react and intervene, the drivers of individual responses to another’s suffering, factors that drive a person to help or walk away, the social cost to non-intervention and more. The discussion seeks to identify practical ways to build and nurture concern of another’s pain and foster courage for individuals to speak in the interests of those who suffer unjustly.

Ramila Usoof-Thowfeek and Evangeline Ekanayake, co-authors of the paper ‘The Bystander Behaviour and Non-intervention: Explanations and Possibilities’ discussed with Mala Liyanage moderating.