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Progress on Reconciliation

Sri Lankans of all different social groups are consistently moderate in their assessments of progress.

Demand for Reconciliation

Demand for reconciliation is robust and cuts across Sri Lankan society, regardless of ethnicity and religion.

Social Trust

Barometer survey results show Sri Lankans are moderately distrusting of people who belong to other social groups in the country. 


OnlineData Tool

The data tool allows you to analyze data from the Sri Lanka Barometer Survey. 


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  • % / Total
  • Unity - Achieving a united Sri Lanka
  • Reconciliation is good/good for Sri Lanka
  • Lack of reconciliation
  • Nothing comes to mind
  • Don't know/cant understand
  • Ensuring equality for all
  • Nothing - it has no meaning
  • Other

What is Reconciliation? 

The Barometer Survey explores what notions are evoked in a person’s mind when hearing the word ‘reconciliation’. This tries to understand how the public frames the concept of reconciliation in their own words, and how these meanings may be similar to or different from those provided by other actors in society. This is displayed in the above result.