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Public Opinion Survey

1st Barometer Survey

The analysis of the 1st Sri Lanka Barometer Survey is completed. 

Field work on 1st Barometer Survey

Data collection for 1st Barometer survey is underway. 

Conceptualising the Barometer Survey

Development of the conceptual framework, questionnaire and survey methodology after extensive public consultations on topics relevant to reconciliation 

Development of Concept

Preliminary consultations to develop concept and topics for measurement in reconciliation

Design and Methodology

The Barometer Survey used a quantitative methodology, which enables the measurement of perceptions through the gathering of numerical data and carrying out of numerical analysis. Data was collected using a structured questionnaire as the research tool, designed in line with some of the issues identified within each of the domains that could be measured and quantified. It used a multi-stage random sampling technique and the systematic random sampling method.

Key Highlights

The majority of Sri Lankans associate reconciliation with meanings that relate to unity and achieving a united Sri Lanka (37.6%). People feel that reconciliation is positive in general and good for Sri Lanka (23.3%). Overall, 11.3% feel that there is a lack of reconciliation. Some Sri Lankans also feel that the term does not give rise to any particular thought or that it has no meaning (9%).


The full report can be found under the section "Barometer Survey Reports".